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Choosing Paintball Sniper Rifle - Sniper Tips and Tricks

A good paintball team will often have specialized operators, like snipers. Tracking their prey, snipers often have particular needs for their paintball marker, using it as a sniper rifle. Not often found on the speed course, snipers hide and track their prey, relying on the unexpected.

A paintball game in a wooded area or with plenty of other cover, played over a long period of time, is perfect for snipers. A paintball sniper rifle has to deliver precise hits on selected targets from long range. The idea is to pick off opposing team-mates whilst also confusing the enemy because they don't know where the sniper is. They should be well-camouflaged or hidden.

Firing at a long range is a sniper activity that often requires a pump action gun, because of their accuracy. The paintball sniper rifle should be well maintained, so it fires easily and smoothly. Any delay may decrease your chances of getting a hit off before you are hit.

There are several different marker models available at make a great paintball sniper rifle. Popular and inexpensive models include Spyder and Tippmann. It's always a good idea to try out several models and see which ones fire quickly and smoothly with accuracy.

You may go to great lengths to camouflage yourself for paintball play, and you should also think about camouflaging your rifle. You should have a dark color rifle, no stainless steel or colors. For a sniper, surprise is essential.

Another requirement for paintball sniper rifle is having a sight that is extremely accurate. Your cover will be blown after your first shot, and you may not get a second one. Snipers aim carefully and make the most of every shot.

The trigger must be smooth and it must be quick to engage. As a sniper, you take your time picking your shots, but once you've aimed, you need to be able to fire off quickly before your target moves or discovers you.

To reduce the risk of your paint capsule exploding in the barrel, you need to have the correct size. A too small paint palette will come out of the barrel ricocheting, and your accuracy will be limited. Check your barrel specifications, and have funny of correct size capsules on hand.

An important part of paintball gear are good quality goggles. Particularly for snipers, these are essential. Snipers often stay near the ground, and have a higher chance of getting hit in the face, and other paintball players. Paintball safety allows you to come back and play another game.

Taking care of these paintball sniper rifle essentials will elevate you to the ranks of a master sniper. Your rifle should be accurate, fast, and camouflaged easily. By outfitting yourself in camouflage gear, and getting some decent goggles, you'll be all set for paintball sniper play.

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Sniper paintball players are more often called "marksmen". To be a marksman one must concentrate in enhancing one's marksmanship and transform their paintball guns into sniper paintball guns for more accuracy. Sniper paintball guns must have a good incorporation of the gun, air and barrel system.

The barrel is the one of the most important aspect in choosing the right kind of sniper paintball guns. Sniper paintball guns that have portings (or holes) on the end of the barrel are quieter than sniper paintball guns without ports. Porting minimizes the noise of the sniper paintball guns by letting loose the air pressure behind a paintball before it leaves the muzzle. However by allowing the air pressure to escape it also decreases the gas efficiency. With this, more gas is needed for a paintball to achieve the same velocity that a non ported barrel have. In order for the sniper paintball guns to have maximum velocity its barrel must have no porting from the first eight inches of its barrel. The ideal barrel length of sniper paintball guns is between nine to fourteen inches.

One of the factors of a good sniper is the ability to go unnoticed with stealth being the key part to it. Having a loud sniper paintball gun will eventually change it. Good paintball snipers have a quiet sniper paintball guns so that their target will not even know where the shot came from. Paintball snipers always set their sights on a target before taking the shot. A good sniper paintball gun must have good sights. Some paintball snipers customize their paintball sniper guns and put scopes for better sniping. If you want to be a good paintball sniper player you must avoid paintball guns that have sight rails blocked by the vertical hopper. A scope can help in the paintball sniper to be more accurate. If you opt to go for a sniper paintball gun with scope, a cheap scope has little difference between an expensive one. Don't bother with laser scopes; paintballs does not follow the laser beam's trajectory. Although sniper paintball guns with laser scopes do look cool.

Versatility of the sniper paintball rifle is also essential. The sniper paintball rifle's versatility must work in two ways. First, when out on the field the sniper rifle must take the abuse of heat, cold dirt and humidity. Second, it must be upgradeable. Your sniper rifle must be versatile so that if you want to change its barrel with an after market barrel or other accessories it will fit properly in the rifle without sacrificing anything. Having a good sniper paintball rifle does not necessarily mean that you can not be hit or located. Skills are also one aspect in becoming a good marksman.

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